May 4, 2012

U.E.P.M.F.M.F.M.F.E. Second Anniversary

Dear music bloggers...

Happy birthday again U.E.P.M.F.M.F.M.F.E. The blog is now two years old and it's been a lot trickier this time around than last year...

As you all know the U.S. government has been forcing numerous sites to close shop lately, and the (in my opinion erroneous) clampdown on Megaupload in January was catastrophic for this blog since that was the site I used for everything...

I'm currently working away on getting updated versions of all the collections up on The PirateBay...

The U.S. Feds already joined forces with Swedish Police and tried to shut The PirateBay down a few years ago. All they managed to create was a three-day shut-down and lots of bitter criticism. Swedes are apparently resilient...

I will continue to share all of this wonderful music, and I'm convinced that it's the will of the people. The old days dominated and controlled by massive entertainment corporations are over, never to come back...

The pictures below are the stats for the past two years...

Thanks again for all your kind comments... Peace!


  1. Gotta say happy birthday and that I hope there will be some reposting of the amazing material you have here.

    Just found the site yesterday :)

    Peace and Light G

  2. hi
    could you reupload "1995 - The Best Of Marvin Gaye(Motown Anthology Series)"? i can't find this compilation in good quality :/
    i would be really grateful!

  3. Any chance of the JB set on TPB?

  4. Not all music is owned and run by big corporations sucka - stop bootlegging

  5. Thank God America smooshed off evil megaupload. Thanks!

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  7. Is there a new site or a way to reup? this site is awesome